The first smart and mobile inspection system – now also for Ex-Zones

Valve Sense

The software-based inspection system builds on the well established method of acoustic emission. The digital solution combines high-quality acoustic emission sensors with innovative smartphones for Ex and non-Ex areas which are equipped with the Senseven software. Both versions use high-quality processors for fast data handling, are easy to use due to the intuitive software, automatically detect leaks and offer a structured data management.

Valve Sense supports you in identifying through-valve leakage and defects in steam traps before it can cause any severe damage to your assets.


How it works

Four easy steps to instant results and automatically generated reports
Example valve inspection

Identify the valve

Scan a RFID tag, QR code or enter valve meta data into our input mask. This brings structure to your inspection process.

QR Website.png

Collect the acoustic emission signals

The software guides you through the process and shows you step by step where to measure on the valve.

Get immediate results on site

Our algorithm automatically detects whether a valve is leaking or not.

leak result.png
Neutral Laptop und Handy (1).png

Instantly create automated and customized reports

Derive further maintenance measures and create action plans based on Sensevens' reports.

What our customers say about Valve Sense

I love it. Valve Sense is like Tesla for inspection.

Inspection Engineer of a service provider in South-East Asia

Many factories in Japan are old, so it is satisfying that Valve Sense can detect leaking valves quickly and easily so that they know where to start repairing them first.

Jumpei Kuramoto - Manager at Leak Lab Japan

I was surprised how easy Valve Sense is actually to use

Asset Manager in a spanish chemical company

Senseven Backoffice

All inspections structured, managed and stored


Go to your browser, filter, sort and analyze all your inspections and create an action plan.


Generate standardized and customized PDF reports (ISO).

Automated synchronisation

No internet connection is necessary for the inspection. As soon as the connection is available all inspections are automatically transferred to the cloud.

Multi language
Unlimited storage
Any browser

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