Leaking valves were yesterday

5-10% of valves in industries are leaking internally

Leakages can lead to:


Leaking valves do not only lead to the loss of process material; in the case of steam valves, leaks also lead to high energy losses.

Risk of injury

Many valves are used to shut off processes in order to repair equipment in this area. Leaking valves can endanger workers.


Leaks can lead to contamination or, in the worst case, environmental pollution

How do companies handle the problem today?

Many companies replace valves on a regular basis without diagnosis due to lacking know-how
→ costly

Some companies pause the machines to use test benches
→ time consuming

Only a few companies use mobile inspection systems
→ expert know-how required

How it works

Four easy steps to instant results and automatically generated reports

Identify the valve

Scan an RFID tag, QR code or enter a valve serial number. This brings structure to your inspection process.

Collect the acoustic emission signals

The software guides you through the process and shows you step by step where to measure on the valve.

Get immediate results on site

Our algorithm automatically detects whether a valve is leaking or not.

Report immediately

Derive further maintenance measures and create action plans based on Sensevens' reports.

Download example report

Check out our desktop demo version

click yourself through a measurement process in our Valve Sense App

Senseven Backoffice

All inspections structured, managed and stored


Go to your browser, filter, sort and analyze all your inspections and create an action plan.


Generate standardized PDF reports (ISO).

Automated synchronisation

No internet connection is necessary for the inspection. As soon as the connection is available all inspections are automatically transferred to the cloud.

Multi language
Unlimited storage
Any browser

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