Revolutionizing industrial inspection

Senseven developed a new way of equipment testing by transforming smartphones into smart and simple mobile inspection solutions.

Today’s industrial inspection options are

Complex to use and error prone

Need trained and experienced personnel

Require time-consuming analysis

Use proprietary and closed devices

We have many different inspection systems, but no one uses them because no one can properly operate them.

Operations Manager of a chemical corporation

Our offer

The first solution on the market that builds on today’s digital possibilities

Acoustic emission meets digitalization

We combine the established method of acoustic emission with new, digital features - simplified by a mobile app and supported by artificial intelligence.

Simple inspection tool with smartphone

The Senseven app is delivered on a conventional smartphone and does not require time-consuming training of employees due to its easy-to-use operation. This allows to flexibly inspect assets, detect potential defects within seconds and respond promptly.

Open solution

We build on a cloud-based infrastructure with the possibility to directly integrate into your asset management systems.

Global players have already successfully deployed our solution on the shop floor

First use case: Leak detection in valves

We help to solve your problems with valve inspection

Valve inspection not relevant to you?

You are interested in industrial inspection but want to inspect equipment other than valves? Get in touch to develop your own use case with us.

Who we are

Michael Hettegger and Christoph Altmann -
two passionate entrepreneurs with a clear vision

Supported by Vienna Business Agency