About us

We are passionate engineers, strategists and visionaries with the aim of simplifying industrial inspection through digitalization.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney

How it started

Senseven was founded in 2021 by Michael Hettegger and Christoph Altmann. The company supports customers worldwide out of their office in Vienna, Austria.

What does Senseven stand for?
The name is composed of "sense" - detect and "seven" - the 7th sense for industrial plants, which we enable our customers with our solutions.

Our mission

We empower everyone to inspect industrial assets

An idea can become dust or magic.
It depends on the talent that takes care of it.

Robert H. Waterman - Author

Who we are

Trained engineers with a passion for simplification and digitalization

Christoph Altmann


Christoph completed his computer science studies in 2014. He worked first as a software engineer and later as a lead developer on one of the most successful mobile apps in the social casino space.

Michael Hettegger


Michael studied computer science. He initially worked as a software engineer for various startups before co-founding his first company at the age of 26 and developing it into a leading provider of industrial AI in the German-speaking region.

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