Your use case is our challenge

Co-develop your tailor-made inspection system and revolutionize your equipment testing processes.

Our offer

A dedicated inspection platform for standardized data acquisition, analysis and easy reporting

Do you have machine parts that need to be inspected, but not yet the right inspection solution?

Acoustic emission is the right method, but you lack the expertise or haven't achieved satisfactory results yet?

You haven't found the right tool on the market yet?

Current sensors could not detect your problem?

Looking for a solution that can be up and running in a short time?

Then let us develop your use case together on our platform.

Your smart inspection system within weeks

At the beginning of each project, we jointly define your specific requirements.

Due to our existing infrastructure and leading expertise in handling AE data, we will develop your use case on the Senseven platform within only a couple of weeks.

Step by step to your individual solution

A defined project plan with clear milestones leads us toward the common goal.

Neutral Laptop und Handy (1).png

Why develop on the Senseven platform

Leading expertise in handling AE data

Benefit from our leading knowledge in AE data handling as you haven’t seen it before in the market. Develop your unique inspection system that you can't buy like this.

Built on state-of-the-art infrastructure

Benefit from our existing cloud platform which was especially developed for inspection services.

High data quality and professional data processing

Gain access to standardized data acquisition, storage, an easy-to-use user interface and reporting – anytime from anywhere.

Time to Market

Focus on your strengths and don’t waste time building expertise or resources. Due to our know-how and existing infrastructure, we are able to develop your customized software within weeks which employees can use immediately without training.

Ready to get started?

Contact us for your co-developed inspection system.
Together we make your maintenance processes easier and more efficient.

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