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What does your solution include?

Our solution consists of a complete package of hardware and software which is shipped in a hard product shell case. It consists of state-of the art smartphones (Samsung for non-Ex and MOBILE for Ex), a measuring technology, state-of-the-art acoustic emission sensors, a waveguide for hot and cold surfaces, our Senseven app for internal leak detection in valves and access to our backoffice solution for structured storage of all measurement data, automated reporting and further analysis.

What is acoustic emission testing?

Acoustic Emission Testing (AET), is a non-destructive test technique, detects high-frequency stress waves emitted by changes in materials or structures under load. These waves can additionally also be detected on structures or components where a leak flow as a result of pressure differences appears and generates acoustic emission. It allows the detection of discontinuity and its progress, even before the defect/fault occurs.

Can I use my own smartphone?

Our delivery includes the robust smartphone Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro for Valve Sense in industrial applications. For international Ex-Zones we use the modern 5G smartphone IS 540.1 from MOBILE. Both phones have the necessary power to process the amount of data and the measuring systems are also adapted to the smartphones.

Which types of valves can be inspected?

The system can be used for all on/off, control and safety valves of any size. However, in the case of larger valves (above DN 100), several measurements must be carried out on the valve body and small leaks may be harder to find.

Do I need to know any process information before performing the valve inspection?

You must ensure that the valve is closed and that there is a pressure differential before and after the valve. Before starting the measurement, the medium must be selected. Additional information is optional.

For which valve material does the system work?

Grey cast iron or glass valves make it difficult to detect small leaks. Otherwise, the
system can be used for any material.

Which medium can be measured?

The system is optimized for the media water, gas, steam and pressurized air. For
other media such as viscous liquids, it also works, but the smallest detectable leak size can be larger than for other media.

What are the required necessary steps to test a valve for leakage?

The valve must be closed, there must be a pressure differential of at least 1 bar and insulation must be removed or access to the pipe granted.

Can you also identify leaks in high pressure environments?

Yes indeed. High pressure is even advantageous for Valve Sense. The higher the
pressure, the stronger the acoustic emission signal which is created by the leak.
We require a minimum of 1 bar pressure differential in order to detect acoustic
emission signals.

What is the smallest leak that can be detected?

The smallest detectable leak depends on several factors, such as valve type and size, pressure differential, medium, material of the valve and industrial noise. As an
example, for the medium gas (3 bar) with a DN25 valve, you can expect a
detectable leak rate between 50 and 100 milliliters per minute. High pressure
supports the detection of smaller leaks.

Does the software also calculate the leak rate?

Yes, Valve Sense already has a first version of a leak rate model. This is a beta version and is currently being tested by the first customers. The Senseven leak rate gives the user an estimated range, e.g. 0.3-0.8 litres/minute. This should help the customer to prioritise maintenance work on valves.

Would the software only be available on smartphones or do you also have the companion app for the computer (for reporting, etc)?

The measurement software is available for smartphones, however with the Senseven Backoffice you will get access to all measurements from any device for reporting and analysis purposes.

Is there any operator certification?

After purchasing the product, you will receive an introduction to the operation of the product. We are happy to issue you with a certificate of participation.

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