What does your solution include?

Our product is shipped with state-of-the-art acoustic emission sensors, a waveguide for hot surfaces, a rugged smartphone, the Senseven app and access to our backoffice solution for storing and analyzing all inspections.

What is acoustic emission testing?

Acoustic Emission Testing (AET) is a non-destructive testing method with which acoustic (elastic) waves in solids are measured. These waves are emitted when sudden changes occur in the structure of a material, which are triggered by chemical or thermal processes or under mechanical stress.

Can I use my own smartphone?

Our delivery includes the robust smartphone Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. The smartphone has the necessary power to process the amount of data and the measuring system is also adapted to the smartphone.

Our company does not allow Android devices. Can we still use the inspection system?

Yes! Our product is protected by a security layer called Samsung Knox and usage is limited to our app. We also rent out our inspection equipment so you don't have to buy it.

Does the system require regular internal/electronic calibration? If so, how would it be calibrated?

The system doesn't need any calibration from customer side. The software will be automatically updated by the Senseven Team.

Would the software only be available on smartphones or do you also have the companion app for the computer (for reporting, etc)?

The measurement software is available for smartphones, however with the Senseven Backoffice you will get access to all measurements from any device for reporting and analysis purposes.

Is the solution intrinsically safe (ATEX certified)?

The IS (ex) version of our product is under development and will be available in fall 2022.

Is there any operator certification?

After purchasing the product, you will receive an introduction to the operation of the product. We are happy to issue you with a certificate of participation.

Do I need to know any process information before performing the valve inspection?

You must ensure that the valve is closed and that there is a pressure differential before and after the valve. Before starting the measurement, the medium must be selected. Additional information is optional.