Looking for the right through-valve leak detection system for your steam valves?

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Valve Sense identifies inner leakage in apparently tight steam valves for power generation.

Thermal plants use steam in their processes to generate electric current or heat. As an example, each steam line in an industrial plant contains at least one vent and drain valve to remove air and water. The drainage should avoid temperature differences and material stress inside the lines. Vent and drain valves need to be closed during operation to avoid the loss of steam (= energy loss) and ensure the efficient operation of steam boilers. Thermal efficiency is therefore the highest priority - every loss of steam equals a loss in euros. Continuous inspection is necessary to identify leaking valves in an early stage.

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Case study

The following example shows a case study of a thermal plant where a leaking valve has strong impact on process efficiency and costs.

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Thermal power plant

Avoid steam (= energy) loss and high economic impacts

The situation

The thermal power plant uses steam to generate electricity and to transport heat

The problem

One valve in the closed-loop design of the boiler does not close properly, which is creating a leak that allows steam to escape and become condensate

Results and implications

  • steam = energy loss
  • EUR 120,000 economic loss per year *

*Example of a globe steam valve with an energy loss of 0.076 MWh/h at current energy prices of average 200 EUR/MWh

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